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You will find teachings geared to Christians who know they are in the terminal generation. You will find videos about consumer issues, the role of politics in the church, prophecy in the church, exorcism and deliverance in the church, stepparenting in families, motivational talks, encouragement for generation x, terminal generation, those who are process grief, politics, social commentary, biblical commentary, racism. Some will be humorous, some serious, some borderline but all meant to help you learn.

May 27, 2020

rfrm step parents

Step-Parents Building Resiliency in yourself.  You have to spend time on working patience in yourself.  This is about you and your family using the power of choice to make your home peaceful.  Covid-19 didn’t destroy us.  We have to learn to be self-aware about your weaknesses as a parent.  Rejection is one of my weaknesses and I have to be aware of this in how I parent.  Knowing who you are and who you are not will help you be a better step-parent.   The best parents are the one who have a direct connection with their kids.  You can have that connection, but it takes time to build.  You can do this.  Know your step-child and be the bigger person and have empathy for them.  Don’t let your inner feelings of rejection stop you from being that good step-parent that you want to be.